A Sri Lankan entrepreneur dreaming to build a network of theaters

A Sri Lankan entrepreneur said that the plans are underway to establish 60 mini theaters in 30 towns in Sri Lanka to enhance the cinema industry of the country.

The entrepreneur is Dr. Arosha Fernando, a Sri Lankan professional who has given up his career in Australia to engage in the cinema industry in his home country.

He said to Rasanduna supplement of the state owned Sunday newspaper The Silumina that the President has focused to his proposal.

He said that the theaters in Sri Lanka has problems. 

Dr. Arosha Fernando has already produced seven Sinhala movies and at present he is discussing with renowned cinematographer Prasanna Vithanage to produce a new a film. He says his ambition is to produce at least two movies annually.

He says he faced lot of difficulties when distributing his initial productions.

Big companies have large circuits of theaters and sometimes well marketed movies are also removed to pave way for the screening of their productions. They often continue showing of their movies in these halls despite while other producers find it difficult to get halls to show their movies.


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