Fishermen and officials of India and Sri Lanka to discuss long standing dispute

A special discussion on the fisheries problems of India and Sri Lanka will be held in India today with the participation of the officials and the representatives of fishermen from the two countries.

The discussion will be held on January 27 in Chennai Tamil Nadu. State officials and representatives of fisheries organizations of Sri Lanka and India will participate in this discussion.

The main focus of the discussion is preventing the Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lanka's territorial waters and the Sri Lankans entering into the Indian sea territory.

The Director General of Sri Lanka Fisheries Department will lead the five member team of officials from Sri Lanka. Ten representatives from the fisheries organizations of Sri Lanka's Northern and Eastern Provinces will also take part in the discussion.

There is a long standing problem of fishermen of both countries poaching in waters belonged to the other side. Hundreds of fishermen are arrested by the authorities every year.  

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is discussing with the Maldives to seek a safe passage for Sri Lankan deep she fishing vessels to migrate to the international waters of the Arabian sea. At present Sri Lankan vessels endeavor to cross Indian waters to reach the Arabian sea for fishing amidst threats of arrest by Indian authorities.

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