Teachers of Sri Lanka already knelt before politics made further kneel down by politico

A ruling party politician of Sri Lanka made a Sri Lankan lady school teacher kneel down inside the school to counter punish her for reprimanding his daughter on disciplinary grounds.

The incident has outraged the polity but in reality the teachers have been kneeling down before the politicians since decades. Almost everything in the school system has been politicized and the teachers have helped it immensely at least through their silence.

Ceylon Teachers' Union says that stern trade union action will be initiated unless the government takes action to punish the politician. The teachers' union has not clearly expressed the demand. The Provincial Council member Ananda Sarath Kumara has been arrested and remanded. Teachers unions must demand sacking him from the Provincial Council.

Ceylon Teachers' Union secretary Joseph Stalin Fernando said that the Provincial Councillor had followed the example of Minister Mervin Silva who tied a public official of Kelaniya into a tree and escaped without punishment for the breach of ethics.

A lady teacher of Nawagaththegama Navodya School of Puttlam district has complained to Nawagaththegama police that Northwestern Provincial Councillor Ananda Sarath Kumara made her kneel down in school as a punishment.

The teacher says she faced the situation as she had warned the daughter of the Provincial Councillor who was wearing a shorter school uniform.


  1. Para, there is a nice article in today's Ravaya on Late Comrade H N Fernando by Sarath Sandagomi. It nicely portrays the eroding of Teachers Union System.
    Please translate the article for the English readership.


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