Over 100,000 unidentified kidney patients in North Central Province of Sri Lanka

North Central Provincial Council of Sri Lanka has planned to hold clinics in October at village level to identify the patients with kidney diseases.

Minister of Health of North Central Provincial Council Peshala Jayarathna says that the number of unidentified kidney patients in the Province can be over 100,000.

The number of identified patients with kidney diseases in the Province is over 8000. The Minister said that the people were reluctant to come to the clinics.

The Provincial health authorities have also planned to give opportunity to the public to voluntarily produce themselves for tests regarding kidney diseases.

The cause for the kidney disease in the North Central Province is still bizarre since various groups of researchers have cited various reasons. Recently, a group of academics led by extremist Sinhala Buddhist  nationalist Nalin de Silva caused controversy in the society by stating that they had found through super natural powers the cause as arsenic content in water.

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