People's power defeats state terror at Kelaniya in Sri Lanka

(January 04, Colombo - Lanka Polity) The supporters of opposition presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka faced the thugs believed to be of the Sri Lankan Minister of Labor Mervin Silva at Kiribathgoda town, the center of the Minister's electorate. The hooligans were wielding clubs and bottles filled with sand etc. and police that observed the gang did not disperse them as they should have done. Instead, the police officials approached the group of Sarath Fonseka's supporters that were engaged in propaganda and asked them to stop their campaign. However, the campaigners including both the members of the United National Party (UNP) and the People's Liberation Front (JVP) did not turn away and marched forward to face the consequences.

They endured it with people's power and the thugs had to flee as the police was compelled to fire  tear gas at them. The whole episode was telecast by many private media channels. The state-owned media had a totally different version in which a group of supporters of the government being attacked by a mob that came in white vans. Nobody seems to believe it since the evidence were abundant to understand who attacked whom.

Most of the pro-Fonseka media have also forgotten the importance of this incident. We think it is politically important since the atrocity was faced and defeated with people’s power though it was the UNP and the JVP.

The workers of the state-owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation taught a lesson to the same Minister few years back as he manhandled an official right inside the premises of the television channel. However, his bosses continue to ignore the people’s response regarding this Minister’s notorious behavior at whatever the cost. Mervin Silva is a symbolic character that depicts one of the many faces of the monstrous regime of Rajapaksas.

We think the incident that took place at Kiribathgoda is politically important since it a step forward by people in the struggle to free them from state terror. Kelaniya electorate is a good venue to begin the struggle since the state terror is mingled with underworld there.


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