Sri Lankan gay man granted asylum in USA due to gender discrimination

(November 14, Colombo - Lanka PolityEqual Ground, a non profit organization seeking human and political rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (LGBTIQ) community of Sri Lanka, says that a Sri Lankan that sought asylum in US based on gender discrimination in his home country has been granted asylum there.

The person nicknamed as Sam has emailed to Equal Grounds “I am very happy to inform you, that I was granted my gay asylum in USA. As I know I am the 3rd person whom granted gay asylum in USA. Equal Ground and you personally helped me on this matter a lot. I am thanking Equal Ground and personally for you Rosanna, because you helped me in every way not only giving a declaration, personally advising me on my problems which happen to me because of my gay activities… “

Equal Ground says that the organization ' sincerely hopes that there will come a time when wonderful people such as Sam don’t have to flee this country because of the way they are treated here for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. We hope in time, the laws will change and people are more accepting.'

Homosexuality is a crime under Sri Lanka's law.


  1. The highly innovative Sri Lankans have discovered yet another way of obtaining PR Visas in Western Countries.

  2. It’s not a fair comment kayhaytha. Did it occur to you how difficult it would have been for Sam to openly discuss about his sexual preference? Whilst I admit a few SL may find innovative methods to get PR/visas it is not fair to generalize and be judgmental about every action. In fact we must learn to respect sexual preferences of people and perhaps assist the people who have volunteered their time for the cause to see a fruitful outcome of their activities. Thank you Sam for sharing your private life to create awareness and good luck Equal Life for your all your initiatives.

  3. I suppose its the stigma about being gay that forces most Sri Lankan men, like kayhayatha, to get married to the opposite sex, whilst being in the closet. Unfortunately, even our gay politicians don't want to change our archaic laws. What else would a discriminated citizen do, other than seek redemption in a free country. Good on you Sam, now you can seek a happy life.

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